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Fix iMessage “waiting  for Activation Error on iPhone or iPad:

In order to use iMessages on your iPhone or iPad you should activate iMessage on your device. The iMessage activation works fine for sometime.However some users encounters a “waiting for activation” and other error messages either up on updating to a new version of IOS or getting a new device and using iMessage for the first time.Most of the fixes shown on different websites will not work.So we have eventually decided to test many iPhones ,and therefore ended up with a wonderful solution for the iMessage waiting for activation issue.

We run through a series of tips to fix the “waiting for activation” drawback once and for all.Here are some tips to overcome iMessage activation issues on iPhone or iPad.

How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone?

Make sure in the iPhone app, you got your number listed .On high of you should see that your number is listed.If not,you must go to the settings->phone-> My number and enter your number.

Make sure that date and time is correct or not.Then set the time and date to  “set automatically” and view that time zone is correct and the iPhone should hold the correct time.

Also see that your network is working or not. If there is any wi-fi problem may cause iMessage activation problem.For few users, the message sent out for activation goes out as an international SMS.Make sure that your carrier permits these and you have enough amount to send them.

Get in Touch with Carrier:

Ensure that your carrier supports iMessage or not.Else contact your carrier’s customer and verify any limiting conditions that may apply on your for iMessage, blocks,or filters on text messages.

Airplane Mode:

Turning ON airplane mode basically puts off internet connectivity off on your iPhone and turning it OFF it connects you back to the network again. For some reasons, this had helped users in fixing iMessage waiting for activation error on your iPhone.

Here is the way how to do it:

Step 1: Open settings and scroll down and tap on messages and disable the iMessages.

Step 2: Turn ON airplane mode .Network connection or wi-fi will turn OFF automatically.

Step 3: Turn ON wi-fi.

Step 4: Get back to messages and turn ON iMessages.

Step 5: You will be prompted for your Apple ID  ifyou won’t added it yet else you won’t get any notifications.

Step 6: Now, go back to settings and turn OFF airplane mode.

Step 7: Mostly, you will be shown a notification that says your carrier may charge for SMS and tap on OK.

Step 8: Go to messages and turn OFF iMessages and then turn ON again.

Step 9: In limited time, iMessage will get activated.

Step 10: You will see a greyed out number and email id.After sometime the number should be checked and that’s it.

imessage waiting for activation iphone


Sign-Out Apple ID and Sign-In Again:

  • Open settingsand tap on messages scroll on to the ‘send&receive option and open it.
  • Tap the Apple ID then select “sign out”
  • Now turn off iMessages
  • Wait for sometime and then turn on iMessage again
  • Now fill in your Apple ID and password and try re-activating your iMessages.

Solve imesaage activation problem

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