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Extend Volume Option Is Greyed Out / Disabled in Windows 7/8/10 ? Procedure to Fix it:

If you discover that the Extend Volume option is grayed out or disabled in Disk Management Tool in Windows 10/8/7, then this article can explain you why this happens & what you can do regarding it. We will use the built-in Disk Management Tool or the Diskpart or Fsutil command line tools to make, resize, delete partitions and extend. However if the either Extend Volume option is grayed out or the Extend command fails?

The Windows OS allows you to extend any volume provided there is free or unallocated space which is on its right-side. And if there’s not unallocated space, you will not be offered this option and it’ll appear grayed out.

extend volume greyed out in windows

Extend partition without unallocated space:

Step1: Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, install and launch it. Select Extend Partition Wizard which is at the left of the interface.

extend volume disabled in windows

Step2: Choose Extend system partition and after then click on the Next.

Extend system partition


Step3: Select the partition you wish to transfer free space from the (partition D) and then click on the Next.


Step4: And move the bar to right to make sure that how much size you wish to add into system partition and then click on the Next button.


Step5: Click on Proceed to perform the operations then you will extend system partition.



Extend partition with the unallocated space:

This operation might modify the original location of your data, therefore we recommend you to learn this tutorial “How to Safely Partition” before executing this operation itself.

If the partition is running the applications, AOMEI Partition Assistant can suggest you to close them or perform the operation below PreOS Mode.

Step1: Install the software;  then right click on the partition you wish to extend (eg. partition C) and then select the Merge Partitions.


 Step2: Choose the unallocated space and then after click on the Next button.


Step3: Then you will be able to preview the operations, before click on the Apply to perform them.

expand disk volume


→Only the 2 partitions can be merged at one time, further the two partitions should be adjacent. However, you can merge two or more additional elements of unallocated space into a partition and the unallocated space simply required to be behind the partition, whether it is adjusted to the partition or not.

→You will be able to merge data partition into system boot drive, however you cannot able to merge system boot drive into the data partition.

→Then the “System Reserved” partition will not be merged.

The ways mentioned above will help you to solve the issue of the “extend volume greyed out in Windows 10”, you will be able to extend partition through the allocated free space from the another partition to the partition you required to extend. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional permits you to the manage partitions more completely.

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